About Us

We provide an advisory and supervisory role in multiple disciplines. Our key asset management services include business plan development, debt origination, buy/sale analysis and evaluation.

Capcor is a private, fully integrated Texas real estate investment firm specializing in quality income-producing assets and development opportunities. Our focus is on existing and undeveloped assets in the retail, industrial, office and multi-family sectors. We target institutional-grade properties with favorable supply-demand fundamentals. Capcor's relationships, diligence and execution provide investors access to exceptional real estate investment opportunities.

In today's turbulent economy, portfolio diversification is the key to investment success. Stocks, bonds, traditional market-driven investments-even cash-can lose value in the blink of an eye. However, commercial real estate investments in growth areas such as Houston and the Texas Triangle provide a strong hedge against market volatility. Relatively few investors have the opportunity, access and market knowledge to identify, purchase and professionally manage real estate assets. That's where Capcor excels.

Capcor acquires and manages existing cash-generating properties for our partners and clients. We also identify tenants, from major chains to individual businesses, seeking to enter new markets or expand operations in the nation's number-one growth area-Texas-then acquire, develop, manage, lease or sell prime tracts that match their specific criteria. We provide opportunities for savvy investors-high-net-worth individuals, trusts, family offices and institutions-to grow and preserve capital through diversification into tangible, high-yield real estate assets. We're not brokers, architects or builders; we're investors, developers and asset managers. Capcor's managing partners commit our own funds alongside our clients in every opportunity.